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The Friends of Burundi is the group of mainly British Christians who set up the Friends of Burundi in 2005 to pray for, support and publicise the situation of the people in Burundi and particularly the Christians and the work of the Christian Churches there

Charity Commission Registration No. 1117715

                   Details of our patron

Mrs Jane Williams, 
wife of the former Archbishop of Canterbury

   Burundi Christian University
   Details of the Plans,    Syllabus and costs
   details here

             New Consecrations
         Announcing the Death of Ian Leakey

             Announcing the Death of Paul Bell


. . . explore this site to find out more details about Friends of Burundi that can be downloaded and printed out:

A5 Brochure  with Information, Application Form & Standing Order (.PDF version) Link   (print page 2 on the back of page1)
    Information about the Friends of Burundi and the Country  (.PDF version) Link 

    Web pages with  Printable FOB Details  


    Click here for latest news items from Burundi

    Annual Reports & Financial Statements Here   


  Dictionary: on-line Kirundi English, English/Kirundi

  Kirundi Lessons: Book1, Book 2.

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